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Room 13-450 View Talay 6 V.I.P. Large 48 sq meter Studio with Sea View  For Rent by the night or monthly in Pattaya. Wonderful sweeping view of Pattaya Bay and enjoy the sun sets from your large balcony.  You can see the Pattaya Walking Street sign from your balcony. NEW LOWER NIGHTLY RATES
Sea View Balcony towards Walking Street
46 LED Samsung Smart TV with sound system and DVD hooked up to 64 stations of local cable TV
ADSL interent & secure Wi-Fi
King Bed
Luxury Kitchen
Full Walk in shower
Rain Shower

So I'm trying a new Dancewatchers condo this trip, and one of its features is a big-ass "smart" TV.  I've never bothered to look at that new breed of technical wizardry, but now that I've played with one first hand I'm pretty impressed. 
In a nutshell, the TV has a built-in wifi connection along with a number of plugin ports that let you do stuff like:
* plug in a USB thumb drive of pics & videos you can watch directly
* browse the internet (such as youtube vids of Coyote dancers, ThaiFriendly, etc)
* Plug in a keyboard and even mouse, so your girl(s) can access Facebook/skype/twitter/etc without touching your computer
* Access a huge librarly of major videos, many with Thai dubbing, that you & your girl(s) can enjoy with a cozy snuggle
And speaking of snuggling, the TV also lets you download a bunch of different aps.  Examples of some I've installed are:
* Pattaya weather
* Central Festival movie listings (including access to preview clips)
* mood lighting
* bunch of games
* etc
Sure, you could do pretty much all of the above with your computer - but it's nice to be able to keep your computer locked up and just let the girls mess with the TV instead.
There's also a way to stream movies directly from your PC, phone or tablet to the TV without having to mess with all the various cables, but I haven't made time to set that up just yet.
After staying in this View Talay 6 (VT6 #13-450) condo for a month, it’s now one of my favorites from Dancewatchers.  I’ve discussed the great location, etc for the VT6 building in past reviews (just search “Dancewatchers”), so I’ll skip that here and just focus on the condo.
In addition to a doorbell (helpful for girls to wake you up when they arrive), the door has extra deadbolts top & bottom for more security.  It also has weather stripping insulation which I’ve rarely seen on condo doors, but the stripping did seem to help cut down the hallway noise a bit as well as keep the room cool.  The AC was very strong and was always able to cool the room down well within a few minutes.  There was no overhead fan in the room but one outside on the balcony along with a small table & pair of chairs.  South side the view was always great.
The small dining table & chairs in the kitchen entranceway were a nice plus, as were the style of handles on the cabinet doors.  The handles made it convenient to use a simple bicycle lock for additional semi-secure storage from the safe.  For example, I was able to store both my carryon bag and oversized computer bag above the refrigerator, and still have room on the lower shelf for my 17” computer and various other items.  The floor-level cabinets have enough space to store several full-sized suitcases as well.  Hooks mounted above the sink worked great to hang a variety of those nasty fish snacks the girls love, which for 20B-30B each made a nice extra tip as the girls left.
The bathroom has a full-sized walk-in shower with sliding doors that create an effective thermal barrier so the girls can shower more comfortably even when farangs have the room AC frosty cold.  Unfortunately the glass doors are frosted, so no pics of sexy soapy Thai titties rubbing against the glass.  It has both a large overhead as well as detachable showerhead, and the pair of mounted shelves are strong enough for girls to pump soap bottles without breaking off.  None of the VT6 condos I’ve tried over the years have had very strong water pressure, and the same was true with this condo.
The bed is large & comfortable and high enough that you store full-sized luggage underneath with a pair of short dresser drawers on either side.  The closet has full-sized floor to ceiling mirrors which are always appreciated, as are the dimmer switch light controls next to the bed.  The lighting was good enough for decent pics in the room as well.
The TV was a cool feature that I previously posted in another thread.  It’s a large Samsung Smart TV which basically doubles as a computer with internet access.  You can even attach a keyboard & mouse.  This means your girls to do their Facebook, twitter and games on the TV instead of using your computer.  The TV also appears to come with a video service from Samsung where they have a large library (500+) of major movies on demand for free.  It was nice sometimes just to snuggle with the girls as they flipped through the various movie previews (especially the trashy Thai horror movies so many of them seem addicted to).
And the room has a pretty cool couch for snuggling with your girls.  You can adjust the back to recline at several different angles, including even lying flat.  A section underneath can pull out and pop up to convert the couch into double-sized bed.  The couch was also light enough to easily move around the room as well.
My trips are working trips where I rely on the internet and a decent work environment to stay productive, and this room was great on both counts.  It had a proper desk and office chair which were comfortable for extended use, and the internet package was an upgrade to 3BB 13Mbps down/1 Mbps up (as opposed to the more typical 10M down/512k up).  The double speed up noticeably helped the quality of my VOIP Vonage business phone calls.  The room has a dedicated wireless router so it was convenient for all my devices to access.
I opted for housekeeping twice a week which worked well.  The staff always did a good job and worked around my schedule, and I gave them a small tip each time.  They also provided extra towels which was very helpful.  I also rented a motorbike from Dancewatchers which was convenient as I had previously rented phones, cameras, etc.
Overall a very high quality room for a good value at VT6, and now one of my favorites for the future.  The pricing varies based on the time of year and duration of stay, so for any of those questions I’ll just point people to the Dancewatchers.com website.

View Talay 6 offers the vacationer one of the best locations in Pattaya. Walk out the main gate with a special gate card that we provide and you are right on Pattaya Beach next to the modern Central Festival shopping center. Eash access to Walking Street. Walk out the back entrance and you are on 2nd road with all the beer bars and massage shops and more shopping
Room 13-450 View Talay 6 Luxury Condo For Rent Pattaya
Check your booking dates by clicking the calendar. Red means already booked
     R O O M    R A T E S

Available for Nightly Rentals

1-2 nights  2,000 per night

3-6  nights  1,800 per night

7-9 nights  1,700 per night

10 nights or more  1,600 per night

nightly rentals include all electric, water, UBC TV, ADSL internet

Available for Monthly Rentals

1   Month 41,000 per month               
2 - 3  Months 39,000 per month        

View of Pattaya Sign at night from View Talay 6 from dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
Rent a condo by the night in Pattaya or Jomtien  VT6 or VT2A from Tik's nightly Pattaya Condo Rentals
Room 13-450  luxury View Talay 6 Sea View Studio for rent
This rental room located in Pattaya by the beach and beach road is fitted out to a very high standard.  Comes with huge flat screen TV, fast ADSL internet with secure Wi-Fi, King Bed, full kitchen, modern bathroom with walk in shower, dinning table, balcony with wonderful sea view.  Offered for rent by the night from dancewatchers.com  Tik's nightly Pattaya condo rentals
View Talay 6 Sea View apartment for rent with luxury western mattress offered by dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
View Talay 6 Sea View apartment for rent with luxury western mattress offered by dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
View Talay 6 Sea View apartment for rent with luxury western mattress offered by dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
New Western very expensive mattress offered in this Sea View Rental condo in View Talay 6  room 13-450
Room 13-450 View Talay 6 Flat Screen TV in Pattaya.  Room offered for rent by the night or monthly from dancewatchers.com
Room 13-450 View Talay 6 Flat Screen TV in Pattaya.  Room offered for rent by the night or monthly from dancewatchers.com
Room 13-450 View Talay 6 Kitchen in room 13-450  in Pattaya.  Room offered for rent by the night or monthly from dancewatchers.com
View Talay 6 sea view rental room offered by dancewatchers.com
View Talay 6 sea view rental room offered by dancewatchers.com
View Talay 6 Sea View Balcony that looks over Pattaya Beach and towards walking street
View Talay 6 Sea View Balcony view that looks over Pattaya Beach and towards walking street
Room 13-450 Dinner table in View Talay 6 Pattaya Beach rental condo by dancewatchers.com
Luxury View Talay 6 Pattaya Studio and one bedroom condo rooms for rent or sale on high floors.  View Talay 6  just opened in 2008 and is only steps away from the beach. Each tenant will be given a beach side security card that will allow them to use the beach entrance which is only steps away from the Pattaya Beach. You will also have access to the second road entrance. The buildings first two levels are for parking and the lobby is located on floor 3.  Lifts operate from the parking floor number 1 to 27. The building is only steps away from new huge shopping mall and in my opinion offers one of the best locations in Pattaya. View Talay 6 has a pool on the 3rd floor along with many shops which include a mini mart, 2 massage shops, many laundries, A new internet shop run by a sexy Thai girl and much more. On 3rd floor near massage shop there is a cafe / restaurant open now, doing Starbucks type coffee & thai / European food. This can be requested up to rooms, or to swimmimg pool. Very keenly priced as well.You will find photos of some of the shops and the pool below.  They have added many new shops including more Massage and gift shops
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