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Room 25-987
Offers a Spectacular night view of Pattaya from your  balcony.  Large Studio 48 sq meters.  25th floor, Western King bed with a very comfortable western mattress with mirrors on the end of the bed. NEW 55 in Samsung Smart LED TV with UBC GOLD satellite TV & iflix, Sound system, DVD.  Wi-Fi & ADSL the fastest we have in VT6.  24,000 BTU A/C to keep you more then cool. Full mirrored wardrobe with Security safe.  If you want the best studio book this room
Room Rates April - Sept
1-4 Nights 2,000 per night
5-10 nights  1,800 per night
11 + nights 1,600 per night

All electric, water, TV, internet included in nightly rates,
Room Rates Oct - March
1-4 Nights 2,400 per night
5-10 nights  2,200 per night
11 + nights 1,900 per night

All electric, water, TV, internet included in nightly rates. 
Extra Large modern bathroom with full walk in shower. Washing machine located in bathroom.  Full modern kitchen with everything, Extra towels and bedding, Double thick front door to keep hallway noise out and extra security.  Sea view balcony with a very nice set of table and chairs.  This room us updated very often to make sure you have the very best
Special hidden lighting control box allows you to select from many different room colors as well as a disco light show.

Room dimmer controls for lighting located through out the room.

Remote control ceiling fan

Electronic built in safe built into the wardrobe wall

Luxury king size Western Mattress

Hidden sliding wooden door can slide into place which will separate the bedroom from the TV room

Built in Washing Machine
Special Soft night lights
I recently had a chance to check out the new Dancewatchers VIP condo #25-987 in my favorite location - View Talay 6:

One of the cool features of the room is the programmable “mood lights” that add a unique touch, and it certainly makes an impression on the girls.  By coincidence I had just stayed at a hotel in AC that had similar lighting effects - the “New Millennium Standard Suites” at Angeles Beach Club:


But where the ABC room was ~4,500B/night the new Dancewatchers room was a fraction of that price, and being on the 25th floor has some awesome views as well.  Some girls were actually afraid of the balcony, but most seemed pretty thrilled at being so high.

Studio rooms are usually my preference over 1-2 bedroom rooms, though having a separate bedroom is sometimes nice when you have a (couple) LTs sleeping in.  This new VIP room has a cool feature that actually gives the best of both worlds - it has a thick, folding divider wall that you can separate the bed area from the TV area.  And since the TV area has the AC, it means you leave your lovely BF sleeping in quiet, warm cozy comfort while you crank up the AC and videos in the other room.  The front door is also extra thick to provide better soundproofing and security.

The fittings of the room are all high quality; especially nice are the full floor to ceiling mirrors across from the bed - I feel a must-have for any monger’s room (especially for pics ;)  The shower also has a glass divider wall from the bedroom which makes for a nice tease to start the evening…

The high-speed internet and professional workstation area & office chair also make for a good, productive work environment as well.

The only hassle with the room is that being on such a high floor it can suck if you get outside and discover that you’ve left your phone back up in the room.  But even then the VT6 building is relatively sparsely populated so there usually isn’t much of a wait for the elevators - and you often have the elevator to yourself so the 25th floor usually translated to only another few seconds of actual ride time.

Overall I was really impressed with the quality of the room and plan to repeat in the future - especially when I just spent 4,500B for a similar room in AC (and I hear that the Hilton hotel across the street in Central Festival is even more expensive).  So bottom line: great quality for a great value in the best location in town - highly recommended.

R O O M   R E V I E W S   B E L O W
My review for 25-987

I must say from start to finish, I was treated like family.I found the website by accident then was blown away with the different condos. Initially, I had my reservations because it was the internet so I took sometime before sending a request for information to Tik. I sent the email and received a response the same day with the exact information requested and otheroptions which may have been of interest to me! This was the beginning of many emails to Tik who arranged the best vacation I have experienced in my life thusfar. Everything was super easy with absolutely no delays at all. I made achange from VT2 to VT6 to be closer to the action which was handled promptly. Iabsolutely had no worries of anything until my flight was delayed by 1 ½! I did not have a way to contact Tik but when I arrived I followed the instructions to the letter and there she was waiting for me. I enjoyed cool beverages during the ride to Pattaya with a quick stop to KFC (hungry). Upon entering the VT6 I was literally blown away because it really is a site to see. When entering my room it was just as it was on the internet but even more breathtaking because you could see the time and effort put into making sure I was happy during my holiday. A/C was cool which was great. I actually had to turn it off on occasion. The bed was to die for! Everything about this room was just perfect! Everyone was happy to meet me which was a huge plus because if I had any questions I knew it would be no issues at all. It was definitely a family atmosphere during my holiday as I it was truly a pleasure to see the staff daily.That was the highlight of my stay actually because they were so nice and friendly that I can’t wait to see them again. Yes I miss them that much! I requested a number of items during my holiday which were waiting on me for my use. I did not understand at first about the hair but with the tile floors the cleaning staff was excellent!I had no hair after they left! (HUGE THANKS) All of the ladies did not want to leave this room at all! (25-987). All in all, I am currently planning my next trip to see them again in November. I will not be in the same room but I really want to see the whole staff to include Michael again because I consider them to be family. I have and will continue to recommend Dancewatchers to any and everyone who is visiting Pattaya. It is a DEFINITE MUST! THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I WILL EVER STAY WHEN VISITING PATTAYA PERIOD!
Jarrod B. Thomas


I had the immense good fortune to book 25-987 in View Talay 6 just ahead of the unit getting extremely popular and booked out nearly a year in advance.  After 13 nights in the studio condo, I can see why it is enjoying such popularity.  The design and other details that were chosen for the unit are both big and small, but they work to create a space that is a joy to return to, whether alone or in the company of others.  The glass block wall for the shower is an inspired touch, as is the separation doors that can divide the sleeping area from the sitting area and balcony.

All the expected and described features work as one would hope: the air conditioning is cold and efficient, the internet (wireless) connection is fast and secure, the cable package is extensive with several HD options, the television picture is large and crisp, the bed is big and comfortable, and the kitchen is well-stocked and easy to use.

Tik and the team at Dancewatchers deserve mentioning as well.  My airline connections (and flight delay) had me into Bangkok around 01.45 (which was a couple of hours late), and the driver Tik had arranged was right there waiting for me.  The drive down was uneventful, and one of Tik's team was there to check me in to the room at 04.00 in the morning.  The arranged maid service was excellent and the mood of the ladies a delight.  The scheduled car for return to the airport was (sadly) right on time.  I would offer that one of the immense advantages in booking with Tik and Dancewatchers is that the result is a trip that is worry-free from the time you've collected your luggage at the airport until you're dropped curbside back at the departure area for the return trip home.  This is no small element of a holiday after 24 hours of travel.

This was not my first booking with Tik, and I see no likelihood that it will be my last.  The only risk is that the units are getting so popular that reservations are going to be even tougher to come by.  Given the quality of service, location and accommodations, though, that's pretty much how things should be.

Greg (USA)
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Special Sound Proofing was installed at the time this room was built.  The walls and ceiling have special thick sound proofing to keep the noise of city life out
View of Pattaya Sign at night from View Talay 6 from dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
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VT6 Room 25-987  Pattaya high floor luxury Sea View Studio for rent from dancewatchers.com nightly Condo Rentals
Satelite TV UBC in Pattaya by dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
VT6 Room 25-987  Pattaya high floor luxury Sea View Studio for rent from dancewatchers.com nightly Condo Rentals
VT6 Room 25-987  Pattaya high floor luxury Sea View Studio for rent from dancewatchers.com nightly Condo Rentals
Special Mood lighting
Luxury expensive wester mattress in room 25-987   Studio rental offered in Pattaya View Talay 6 from dancewatchers.com   If you want the best book this room
Full size kitchen with double glass burner. Micro-wave, rice cooker, hot water maker, pots & pans, full size refrigerator and much more
Luxury walk in shower in VT6 offered by dancewatchers.com in pattaya
Luxury View Talay 6 Pattaya Studio and one bedroom condo rooms for rent or sale on high floors.  View Talay 6  just opened in 2008 and is only steps away from the beach. Each tenant will be given a beach side security card that will allow them to use the beach entrance which is only steps away from the Pattaya Beach. You will also have access to the second road entrance. The buildings first two levels are for parking and the lobby is located on floor 3.  Lifts operate from the parking floor number 1 to 27. The building is only steps away from new huge shopping mall and in my opinion offers one of the best locations in Pattaya. View Talay 6 has a pool on the 3rd floor along with many shops which include a mini mart, 2 massage shops, many laundries, A new internet shop run by a sexy Thai girl and much more. On 3rd floor near massage shop there is a cafe / restaurant open now, doing Starbucks type coffee & thai / European food. This can be requested up to rooms, or to swimmimg pool. Very keenly priced as well.You will find photos of some of the shops and the pool below.  They have added many new shops including more Massage and gift shops
Special blue mood lighting on the Balcony
Excellent” content and quality. Hundreds of Movies, TV Series etc and many Subtitle options
New 55in HD Smart Curved LED TV
New curved 55 inch HD SMART TV just added  TRUE VISIONS GOLD satellite TV & iflix, Netflix, Sound system, DVD
Satelite TV UBC in Pattaya by dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
Excellent” content and quality. Hundreds of Movies, TV Series etc and many Subtitle options
October 2017
Dear Tik
I was very fortunate to come for holiday to Pattaya last August again. Even more fortunate i'v booked my stay at VT6 once again. But to be quite honest it was my first time experience to rent with Dancewatchers. Wow! Online booking with no hassle whatsoever. Tik's team made sure i was well informed about everything before mu arrival. Bit unsure about express check in as it was a first time for me but no problems at all with that. Accualy it is a great way to deal with clients arriving late, like myself. All good. Now about room itself. Beautiful living area, outstanding kitchen, fantastic bathroom. Bed was absolutly magic. Everything was there and well balanced. Had some small issue with sound system and that is how i met owner, absolute legend and gentlemen. Toghether with Tik's team problem was fixed within hours. Definitely recommend room 25-987. It was my best holiday in Pattaya so far. Love to rent it again. Congratulations to Dancewatchers and Tik's team. Thank you.
Thomas (aus)
View Talay 6 Pattaya Studio for rent with Smart TV just added with netflix & true visions by dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
JUNE 2018

" From the moment I opened the door I was stunned by the look and quality of the room décor - better even than the photos.
Everything and more was provided in the room - from excellent tv with True vision and surround sound system - to the fully stocked kitchen.
The best part is undoubtedly the fantastic balcony view in daytime and also night time when blue lighting takes effect - the girls loved it.
It is the best room I have ever stayed in and would have liked to have stayed longer but dates not available.
I am sure however that I will at some stage return to this wonderful room"