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When you make a booking ( room reservation ) and have made the booking deposit you will be issued a Check in Voucher.  Please print this out and bring with you as it will have check in instructions and your check in balance.  Normal booking deposits range from 6,350, 9,450 & 12,650 baht but after fees the credit is 6,000 baht or 9,000 baht or 12,000 baht. Booking deposits are non refundable if you cancel. Please take note of your check in balance. Funds are due at the time of check in payable in cash as we do not accept credit cards at check in. Arrival time is important so please let us know so we have staff to check you in.

Costs you should be aware of when booking

When making payments from online companies you are subject to online services fees which in some cases are charged to you by the payment services and sometime charged to me which I apply to your account.

A check out cleaning and laundry fee to restore the room to the very high standard of check in condition.  This fee is always applied and is 1000 baht for a studio and a little more for a double one bedroom.  This also covers the check out laundry expenses as all rooms have extra sets of bedding and towels.  This charge is applied at check in to every room you have booked and is part of your check in balance.

For one month stays Electric and Water are charge by low building meter rate which is about 5.5 baht per unit for Electric.  We read the meter when you check in and again at check out.  Your room deposit is used for this cost and the balance is refunded to you at check out. Room deposits are very low unlike many other rental agencies. Normally 3-5,000 baht for customers who have stayed with us before and this is not required when you have the nightly room rates.  In all cases you are responsible for damage.  In some cases when you have a very special low nightly rate you will be charged for electric units that you use but in all cases this will be on your check in voucher.  If you have a question about electric charges just e-mail me.  Maximum allowable usage per day can not exceed 150 baht per day per studio and 225 baht for 60 - 101 sq meter units.  The only way you can reach this limit is to leave the A/C units on all the time.  Please shut the Air-Con off when not staying in the room. Customers who abuse dancewatcher's rental policies will be evicted immediately with no refund. Abuse of the drug and smoking Policy and breaking Thai law are grounds for immediate eviction with no warning.

Condo Hop option is a win win for both of us and I try to apply the best rate possible but remember their are many different owners and they all set their own rates. Condo hop fees are 1,000 baht per room which covers the replenishment of the laundry and cleaning.

                                                              S A M P L E 
                                                    Condominium Voucher

                                                             David Samples
                   21 Sample Terrace,  Highland, iv7 12se, United Kingdom
                                                       NO SMOKING ROOM

Room number  16-xxx                               Floor  xxx                          View Talay  6
Check in date   21 May 2011                                      Check in Time   1500 hours

Check Out date  20 June 2011                                    Check Out Time    Not later than 1200 hours

Room Rate  Monthly X 1  = 27,500  Electric and water are charged by meter.  Meter reading in = _______  Meter reading out = ________  Units used =  ______ X  Electric @ 5.5 baht per unit.   Water = 500 baht per month
Room Deposit  is 4,000 baht you are subject to damage responsibility at check out. 
Deposits are returned at check out minus any room charges.

Cash or Online transfer credit =  6, 300 baht with exchange rates and Online fees = 6,000 baht.
Transaction ID #7S656665YS449982B

Check out Fees -  Laundry is   500     Cleaning is 500  Restores room to check in condition

Special Requests:  Room Service Cleaning option ( Daily Mon - Friday maid service ) with bedding changes and towels,  Requested 4 week @ 1,000 per week X 4 = 4,000,  2) Motorbike rental 1 day  250 baht or monthly rate available, 3) Thai phone rental 1 month  500 baht plus 300 baht loaded time = 800 baht.

Your total comes to 37,500 baht Plus Vat Tax of 240 = 37,740.   This is your room Voucher, please present this at the time of check in together with your passport and the balance of your check in funds are payable in cash using baht at the time of your check in
.  Your check in balance is 31,740 baht

Please send us an e-mail a few weeks before your arrival in Thailand  and call us when you leave the Suvarnabhumi airport for Pattaya so we can prepare for your arrival dancewatchers@gmail.com Changing booking dates or cancellations normally results in loss of Booking deposits.  Room deposits are returned to you at check out.    If you are checking into View Talay 2 building A or wish to visit my new office is located on the 1st floor room number 43.  Thank you and I look forward to serving you,  Tik

In the very rare occurrence and in the event your booked room becomes unavailable I will move you to another room equal to your booked room or upgrade your room for no charge. In the event a room is no longer  available and I can not find a replacement a full refund of your booking deposit will be made. If this should happen please note that it would be totally out of my control and I apologize very much. In the event you change or cancell please remember that booking deposits are non-refundable but I will do my best to move your dates with enough notice but moving dates with different owners is almost impossible.  I am fair and honest so if you have a problem with booking or your room please contact me.  Please do not ask me to hold a room for you with out making a booking deposit.  Confirmed reservations are issued after the low booking deposit has been credited.  There are many ways to make a booking deposit.  Please hit the Reservations & Booking tab above to view your options.
When you check in please be prepared to pay your check in balance at that time.  In the event of lost keys there will be a charge of 1,000 - 2,000 baht because we keep tight security on all of our rooms so this will require the locks to be changed and security cards to be replaced.
Thank you for your understanding, Tik
We are not responsible for any loss of property in our rental rooms.  Customer is 100% responsible for the room and everything in it.   A room safe is provided for you to secure your valuables. Do not ask for your Thai girl to stay in your room if you check out early
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