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                                                              S A M P L E 
                                                    Condominium Voucher

                                                             David Samples
                   21 Sample Terrace,  Highland, iv7 12se, United Kingdom
                                                       NO SMOKING ROOM

Room number  16-xxx                               Floor  xxx                          View Talay  6
Check in date   21 May 2011                                      Check in Time   1500 hours

Check Out date  20 June 2011                                    Check Out Time    Not later than 1200 hours

Room Rate  Monthly X 1  = 27,500  Electric and water are charged by meter.  Meter reading in = _______  Meter reading out = ________  Units used =  ______ X  Electric @ 5.5 baht per unit.   Water = 500 baht per month
Room Deposit  is 4,000 baht you are subject to damage responsibility at check out. 
Deposits are returned at check out minus any room charges.

Cash or Online transfer credit =  6, 300 baht with exchange rates and Online fees = 6,000 baht.
Transaction ID #7S656665YS449982B    ( note sometimes this booking fee is larger depending on the room rate and times of stay )

Check out Fees -  Laundry is   500     Cleaning is 500  Restores room to check in condition

Special Requests:  Room Service Cleaning option ( Daily Mon - Friday maid service ) with bedding changes and towels,  Requested 4 week @ 1,000 per week X 4 = 4,000,  2) Motorbike rental 1 day  250 baht or monthly rate available, Motorbike rental depoist is also required.  All damage is the responsibility of the customer.  3) Thai phone rental 1 month  500 baht plus 300 baht loaded time = 800 baht.

Your total comes to 37,740 baht including Service charge.   This is your room Voucher, please present this at the time of check in together with your passport and the balance of your check in funds are payable in cash using baht at the time of your check in
.  Your check in balance is 31,740 baht  plus motorbike depoist

Please send us an e-mail a few weeks before your arrival in Thailand  and call us when you leave the Suvarnabhumi airport for Pattaya so we can prepare for your arrival dancewatchers@gmail.com Changing booking dates or cancellations normally results in loss of Booking deposits.  Room deposits are returned to you at check out.    If you are checking into View Talay 2 building A or wish to visit my new office is located on the 1st floor room number 43.  Thank you and I look forward to serving you,  Tik

In the very rare occurrence and in the event your booked room becomes unavailable I will move you to another room equal to your booked room or upgrade your room for no charge. In the event a room is no longer  available and I can not find a replacement a full refund of your booking deposit will be made. If this should happen please note that it would be totally out of my control and I apologize very much. In the event you change or cancell please remember that booking deposits are non-refundable but I will do my best to move your dates with enough notice but moving dates with different owners is almost impossible.  I am fair and honest so if you have a problem with booking or your room please contact me.  Please do not ask me to hold a room for you with out making a booking deposit.  Confirmed reservations are issued after the low booking deposit has been credited.  There are many ways to make a booking deposit.    In the event of lost keys there will be a charge of 1,000 - 2,000 baht because we keep tight security on all of our rooms so this will require the locks to be changed and security cards to be replaced.
Thank you for your understanding, Tik
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Maid Services while renting a condo or room from Tik's Room Rentals in Pattaya or Jomtien
Food Services, Door to Door delivery Services, list of services available for delivery to your room while staying in Pattaya with Dancewatchers.com
By making a booking deposit with us for a room reservations with Tik / Dancewatchers.com you agree to the following
1)  We are not responsible for any loss of property in our rental rooms.  Customer is 100% responsible for the room and everything in it.   A room safe is provided for you to secure your valuables. Do not ask for your Thai girl to stay in your room if you check out early and Subletting your room is not allowed.

2)  Your check in balance is due in cash at the time of check in unless other arrangements are made.  Pre payments are accepted if they are at least 10 days in advance using PayPal or Western Union but you are subject to fees charged by these services to us.  We do not accept Credit Cards at check in.  We accept USD using the new 100 USD notes free from marks and writing or other currencies with advance notice.  We also accept UK Pounds.
3)  If you reservation is for the monthly rate then you are subject to electric and water charged by meter.  A room deposit  is held for this and at check out the unused amount is returned to you.  Electric is 5.5 per unit
4)  Smoking Policy....  Smoking in the rooms is not allowed by you are any of your guest.  Smoking on the balcony is ok if you keep the balcony door closed.  This policy is strickly enforced.  Abuse of this policy will mean cleaning costs will be applied to your check out which involves cleaning the curtains, walls, bedding, towels and sometimes may reach a cost of 12 to 20,000 baht depending on the size of the room.
5) All reservations and services are subject to Thailand Goverment Vat Tax and your total on your check in voucher will read    including Vat.  Room rates are set at the time of booking and we will not increase your basic room rate once you have made the deposit and will not reduce your room rate as well.
6)  Check in and Cancellation Policy...  At the time of booking you agree to inform us of your expected check in time and flight information if you have it.  If you do not show up for your check in date and time we will release the room the next day for rental to another customer.  You are required to re-confirm your reservations with us 2 to 3 weeks before your check in date by e-mail to dancewatchers@gmail.com.  If you Cancel you reservations you will forfeit your booking deposit but if you pre-paid your room rate these funds will be returned to you if you give 30 days notice.
7) Changing booking dates or rooms.   In most cases this is not possible and will mean the forfeit of your booking deposit.  If it is possible we will be happy to help you.  Please remember this is a co-op not a hotel and each room has a differnet owner. Booking deposits are given to the owner to secure the room and are non-refundable.  It is not possible to transfer your booking to another.
8) You are required to call us from the airport at 087-1400-227 if checking in to View Talay 6 so we can arrange a meeting time and place.   Meeting place in most cases is the 3rd floor lobby area by the lifts.  If checking into Jomtien VT2A our office is on the first floor room 43.   No phone call is required for VT2A
9) Violation of your rental buildings policy....  When renting a room with Tik / dancewatchers.com you are subject to your rental buildings policy.  Abuse of this policy will result in a waring but a major violation may result in your immediate removal from the room.  In such an extreme case your belongings will be moved to security where you can pick them up and the lock changed.  If room damage is involved you are subject to the repair cost and if it involves loss of rental time from another cuatomer you are also subject to pay this.  When making a booking deposit you agree to these terms.
10) Room guests...  You are allowed room guests with no extra charge but subject to the building Policy.  You are responsible for your guests conduct.  You can register your guest with security or no do so as this should be up to you.   We do not offer sexual services so don't ask
11) Room problems... If you have a problem with your room please notify us by email at dancewatchers@gmail.com or send text message to  087-1400-227 or inform our maid staff.  We will attend to your problem as soon as possible.  Internet problems occur from time to time and are mostly just a matter of a few minutes down time but if there is a storm it could be longer.  If longer we can contact the provider for you.  We have no control over this but will do our best to get the service up and running as soon as possible.
12) In the rare event that your booked room is unavailable we will attept to move you to another room or return your funds.  This has only happened 2 times in the last 5 years.  We will not increase your room rate in the event the basic room rate is increased for a room.  Room rates are locked in at the time of booking and are not increased or reduced. 
13) If you loose your keys we will have to change the locks to the room to protect customers from theft.  Replacement costs are paid by you and in the event you have lost the security card, replacement cost for each card is 500 baht..
14) We have no control over room construction in the buildings and many go un announced.  Building rules do not allow construction noise Saturday and Sunday and times are limited to 9am to 5 pm.  In VT6 there is scheduled building construction on the South Side due to start sometime in July 2015.  We can not offer refunds to this
15) Room Rates are Monthly or nightly.  Nightly rates included electric and water but when using monthly rates electric and water are charged by meter at 5.5 baht per unit and  additonal nights up to 24 nights are charged using pro-rating of the room rate.  After 24 nights the room rate is charged by the month