Full Kitchen
For the Newbie and first timmer in Pattaya or even a season veteran who wants to enjoy the very best try Tik's full umbrella service. This simply means that you will never have a question that is not addressed.  Recommendations for places to see including the Bars, Massage Services, Resturants, Fun things to do in Pattaya and so much more. Photo services by dancewatcher

Unlimited translation services to help you with communicating with your new Thai girl

Full condo cleaning service  Monday through Friday with bedding & towels changed

Your room safe stocked with bricks of Thai money,  A Brick of 20, and 50 baht notes ( option A)

Full Laundry Service

Thai phone  with out Simm Card because of the new Thai laws

Bi Weekly one hour massages

Transportation Service arranged for you, transportation cost paid by you, Maps and directions of Pattaya and Jomtien. 

Do you need a motor bike .  I will have them delivered to the building. Rental costs paid by you

Advice or problem intervention. Very important and used a lot with our customers

Shopping help.  Where to go, prices, what to buy for gifts

Room Service  Do you need something special, just ask.   ( no sexual services )

Welcome Fruit basket or Snack basket, free beer and fruit juices in the refrigerator at check in
Tik's Burning Rose
Services.  The best service you will find in a Pattaya or Jomtien rental condo
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BURNING RED ROSE OPTION is 5,000 per week and with option A small money packet is 5,000 plus the cost of the small money you request
Special V.I.P. Bed Service,  Kissing Swans with Red Roses

Room review for VIP room View Talay 2A
     Tik's amazing service and V.I.P. treatment began long before ever arriving in the LOS.  Being somewhat particular and even a bit demanding of quality and contact, I was incredibly impressed with the level of personal service and prompt reply via emails.  I had made some requests before arriving, and upon check in everything was EXACTLY as promised and the standard of the room was 5 star all the way.  As soon as the door opened, I recognized the colorful and tasteful paintings, and 100% accurate portrayal of the room; oversize bed, these nice little swan towels with flowers, super comfy computer chair, oversize computer monitor and high speed internet that rivals the best service anywhere back home, gigantic flat screen T.V. complete with state of the art DVD player and surround sound home theater speakers (they even had a great selection of american movies and T.V. series with thai subtitles so the ladies could watch with me).  The closet space was ample, with plenty of hangars, and the room safe was neatly tucked inside, all of the kitchen appliances and dishes were used more often than I imagined, and came in so useful, especially the complimentary items in the fridge.  I also made use of the oversize towels, and bathrobes every day,  it was so nice to have little details accounted for. 
     I must say that I used the rooms amenities to impress a few of my guests....the blue lighting in the room along the bed and backlit mirror, the costumes requested ( I got to have my own photo shoot with two girls at once! ), the oversize shower where you really can fit three Thai girls,  even the overhead ceiling fan was a kick!  Thats not even the best part, Dancewatchers was available to take me out more than once to help me see Pattaya, and familiarize me with the local 'attractions' of which there were plenty....He took me to Walking Street, Second Road, helped me find a few places I was looking for, and showed me some I probably wouldn't have found....namely, the Devil's Den (wow!), and another little go-go where I met a very special little lady.  To top things off, when I decided to get serious with my new friend, Tik's translation service helped us through what could have been an impossible conversation...even through deep emotions, the level of care and attention made me feel like not only was I staying at a 5 star condo, I had also become welcome in Thailand as more than just a passing tourist.  I would pass on Tik's Dancewatchers.com site to ANYONE who wants to have a premium experience in Thailand at still a fraction of what we would pay for other hotels or resorts with undoubtedly less personal service, who knows, maybe you wont want to go home?  I sure don't, I asked Tik to find me a six month rental after my time in the V.I.P. room was up...guess what?  She came through again...surprised?  Not any more.  I tried to write an impartial review and think of anything that was lacking with my booking, to be perfectly honest, there wasn't a thing I could think of that could have left me more satisfied....maybe peeled grapes and a chorus singing me to sleep at night.
U.S.A. California. 

Outstanding, everything was perfect. The translation service was a life saver and Tik's candid advice on my girl saved me A LOT OF MONEY!!  Tik's staff was there everytime I needed them.  Everything from the welcome fruit basket to the check out service was more then I expected.  I will travel with this option everytime now.

Cleaning services provided from Tik's Condo Rentals in Pattaya and Jomtien. no sexual services provided
while staying in one of our condos at VT2A or VT6 Pattaya enjoy the very best of service with our Red Rose Services.
Red Rose Maid Servcies for Pattaya and Jomtien from dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
Red Rose Maid Servcies for Pattaya and Jomtien from dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
Red Rose Maid Servcies for Pattaya and Jomtien from dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
Location Directions to View Talay 2A Jomtien Thailand from dancewatchers.com nightly condo rentals
View Talay 2 building A information about the condo building and shops on the first floor
View Talay 6 Pattaya building information and shops on the first floor and pool
Maid Services while renting a condo or room from Tik's Room Rentals in Pattaya or Jomtien
Food Services, Door to Door delivery Services, list of services available for delivery to your room while staying in Pattaya with Dancewatchers.com
Place to go, fun things to see while staying in Pattaya Thailand with Tik's Room Rentals
You can rent a motorbike while staying with Tik's condos in Pattaya
Also available are Ultra Luxury V.I.P. Rooms to make your Pattaya vacation one that you will never forget. Studio's and one bedroom untis available by the night or monthly in View Talay 6 Pattaya Beach or View Talay 2A Jomtien. Optional Pattaya Maid Service is offered, Pattaya motorbike rentals, Thai phone rentals, Computer Laptop rentals and so much more is offered from dancewatchers.com.  For the very best try our Red Rose option.  Do you have to work while on holiday try our business and pleasure room combination.  Are you a Party man? We have the perfect Party Room rental for you 
Red Rose special service package in View Talay 6 from dancewatchers.com nightly Pattaya condo rentals
Tik's Pattaya Maid Snack Baskets for Red Rose customers and deluxe maid services when you order our Red Rose Service plan while renting a Pattaya apartment at View Talay 6 with dancewatchers.com
Snack Baskets for our Red Rose Customers
Fresh Fruit  Baskets for our Red Rose Customers