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Full Kitchen
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View from your balcony looking to the huge View Talay 2A Pool

My name is Robert and I am from the States.  I found Tik using google seach and I am so glad I did.  She put me into the new V.I.P. room.  Words can not describe this room.  It is everything you want in a rental but can never find.  It has everything as described on the web page and more.  When I brought back girls to the room their reaction was great and when I turned on the blue mood lights well they just got sexy.  They loved the lotus fan and I have never see one like it myself.  All the bedside controls were very well placed.  The computer system worked great and it was hooked up to very fast internet.  The TV system was perfect as well as the home theater.  I did not use the mini bar but the girls wanted to.  The bathroom was the best I have ever seen in Pattaya with frosted glass doors for the large walk in shower. The king bed was raised to just the right height if you know what I mean and the mattress was one of the best I have ever slept on.  I will return!       
The girls on the King bed with the blue mood lighting on
Here is the review reagrding the VIP room!
Thanks for everything! 

I am an avid traveler and have been to Pattaya, Thailand a of number times.  On the most recent trip a mate and I opted for a condo in lieu of a hotel and let me tell you, what a difference it made!  I booked the VIP Room, only the second patron of the newly renovated Pleasure Palace and upon arrival I was nothing short of in awe!!  It was amazing to say the least!  The room came equipped with a computer and high speed internet, along with state of the art TV, cable, DVD player with movies and a kitchenette.  The room had blue accent lighting around the ceiling and bed to heighten the mood, which the ladies seemed to enjoy as much as I did!  The room had a number of costumes as well, which also turned out to be a real crowd pleaser!  The bathroom was brilliant, with an enormous walk in shower, definitely room for a number of people.  Even the shower came with mood lighting!!!!  The kitchen was well done and seem to be stocked with anything you need, however, underused by me.  Overall, it was an amazing stay without the hassle of a hotel staff upon your return, alone or not.  When I come back to Pattaya, I will definitely be staying at one of Tik's places and after spending some time at the VIP room, nothing else will compare!!!  Cheers to you and look forward to seeing you again soon Tik......    

Room review for VIP room View Talay 2A
     Tik's amazing service and V.I.P. treatment began long before ever arriving in the LOS.  Being somewhat particular and even a bit demanding of quality and contact, I was incredibly impressed with the level of personal service and prompt reply via emails.  I had made some requests before arriving, and upon check in everything was EXACTLY as promised and the standard of the room was 5 star all the way.  As soon as the door opened, I recognized the colorful and tasteful paintings, and 100% accurate portrayal of the room; oversize bed, these nice little swan towels with flowers, super comfy computer chair, oversize computer monitor and high speed internet that rivals the best service
anywhere back home, gigantic flat screen T.V. complete with state of the art DVD player and surround sound home theater speakers (they even had a great selection of american movies and T.V. series with thai subtitles so the ladies could watch with me).  The closet space was ample, with plenty of hangars, and the room safe was neatly tucked inside, all of the kitchen appliances and dishes were used more often than I imagined, and came in so useful, especially the complimentary items in the fridge.  I also made use of the oversize towels, and bathrobes every day,  it was so nice to have little details accounted for. 
     I must say that I used the rooms amenities to impress a few of my guests....the blue lighting in the room along the bed and backlit mirror, the costumes requested ( I got to have my own photo shoot with two girls at once! ), the oversize shower where you really can fit three Thai girls,  even the overhead ceiling fan was a kick!  Thats not even the best part, Dancewatchers was available to take me out more than once to help me see Pattaya, and familiarize me with the local 'attractions' of which there were plenty....He took me to Walking Street, Second Road, helped me find a few places I was looking for, and showed me some I probably wouldn't have found....namely, the Devil's Den (wow!), and another little go-go where I met a very special little lady.  To top things off, when I decided to get serious with my new friend, Tik's translation service helped us through what could have been an impossible conversation...even through deep emotions, the level of care and attention made me feel like not only was I staying at a 5 star condo, I had also become welcome in Thailand as more than just a passing tourist.  I would pass on Tik's Dancewatchers.com site to ANYONE who wants to have a premium experience in Thailand at still a fraction of what we would pay for other hotels or resorts with undoubtedly less personal service, who knows, maybe you wont want to go home?  I sure don't, I asked Tik to find me a six month rental after my time in the V.I.P. room was up...guess what?  She came through again...surprised?  Not any more.  I tried to write an impartial review and think of anything that was lacking with my booking, to be perfectly honest, there wasn't a thing I could think of that could have left me more satisfied....maybe peeled grapes and a chorus singing me to sleep at night.
U.S.A. California.

I arrived in Pattaya very late (approximately 2AM) and Tik was there to greet me immediately upon arrival.  The location was fantastic, 5 minute walk to Jomtien Beach, 10 minute drive to walking street.  This allowed me to have great access to the excitement of Pattaya, but also allowed me to get out of the madness and relax in the calm, quite atmosphere inside my room.  The bed was very comfortable, allowing me to sleep with up to 3 "guests."  The room also had access to approximately 300 television channels, high speed wirelses internet with pc, air conditioning, balcony, large shower.  Outside a giant, clean swimming pool is there if you desire.  I won't stay anywhere else in Pattaya after this experience.
View Talay 2A Jomtien Room 5-223   41 sq meter  studio for rent by the night or monthly. One of our most popular rooms for comfort and pleasures.  This is one of our V.I.P. rooms in VT2A Jomtien. The room comes with a new Samsung Ultra HD Smart TV just added hooked up to True Visions Gold Package.  New Large A/C just added to keep you cool.  Hand made high rise king bed with mood lighting, Special overhead fan, Mirrors, Full Kitchen, Luxury Seating, Wardrobe, Walk in shower, Computer work station with PC hooked up to ADSL internet with secure Wi-Fi, Black out curtains for the balcony to keep the room dark at night.

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View Talay 2 A Room 5-223 Luxury Room for rent in Jomtien
1-2 Nights   1,500/night
3-5 Nights   1,300/night
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11 Nights plus 1,100/night
Monthly rate 18,000
Nightly Rates include electric and water.  Monthly rates, electric and water are charged by meter. If you have the monthly rate and stay longer then 30 nights each night is pro-rated.  Internet and TV are included
View Talay 2A Jomtien 5th floor Luxury room hand made king bed, mirrors, mood lighting, New A/C, New HD TV, True Visions and so much more offered for rent by dancewatchers.com
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