Tik's Rooms.... My name is Tik .  I am your contact person and operator of this Co - Op and website. There are many different owners in this Co - Op.  If you wish to become an owner just let me know.  I make renting in Pattaya very simple and not full of paper work.  Enjoy a carefree holiday here and let me take care of you.  After making your booking I will send you a check in voucher that will have all the information you need to know. If you wish to change your reservation dates or room please remember that these rooms are owned by different people which makes the changing of rooms and dates very difficult but I will try my best to honor your request.  Remember also that booking deposits are not refundable. When you rent a condo for a period of time this means if you check out early money can not be returned as it has already been given to the owner of the condo.  I speak excellent english but please make your booking requests by e-mail using our booking form which is found on our booking page. Phone connections many times are not the best and remember the big time difference so we do not accept bookings by phone unless it is a last minute request..   Remember you and you alone are responsible for your valuables while renting rooms with us. Keep them secure at all times. All rooms are non-smoking rooms but smoking on the balcony is ok as long as you keep the balcony door closed.  Your are responsible for any guest you might bring in your rented room.  If you have a massage put a towel or two to protect the bedding from oils.   We no longer offer airport transfers because of the many problems with the drivers.   Welcome to The Infamous Seaside Resort of Pattaya
Hello and welcome to Tik's and dancewatchers nightly Pattaya condo & appartment rentals for View Talay 6 and View Talay 2A. We offer the very best in short term and long term rentals for Jomtien and Pattaya.  We are guest friendly and we offer the best Pattaya maid services.
The  rooms are CLEAN. Air-Conditioning filters are cleaned regularly by  and the A/C units are professionally cleaned and serviced 3 times per year or sooner if needed.. Door handles and bathroom fixtures are cleaned with alcohol to guarantee sanitary conditions.  The owners offer condos for nightly, weekly and monthly rentals and even long term rentals. Why stay in a hotel when you can holiday like the wealthy for less money then a hotel.  Pattaya luxury Sea View rooms, Jomtien Jacuzzi room rentals,  Room rentals with LCD TV, True Vision, Computers hooked up to high speed internet, Full Kitchens, Luxury Hand made king high rise beds with western mattresses, Vacation in Pattaya and enjoy luxury and the good life by renting one of our luxury units for your Pattaya Holdiay .  We also have Budget price Jomtien apartments for rent.  Long term budget rooms available for rent in Pattaya and Jomtien.  We have full service options and even room service. View Talay condo rentals. All rooms are guest friendly with no joiner fees. This website is community friendly and nudity is not allowed on this site. Come explore my website.  Contact e-mail  dancewatchers@gmail.com                                       
Nightly Condo and Apartment Rentals in Pattaya and Jomtien Thailand by Tik;s Condo Rentals, dancewatchers.com.  Pattaya Properties you can Rent by the night or monthly. Pattaya Short term room  rentals. Pattaya luxury to Budget apartments and condo rooms available in View Talay 2A, View Talay 6 and View Talay 5C . Stay by the Pattaya beach near Walking street or the Jomtien beach. Most rooms have King Beds, luxury mattrress and bedding, Pattaya Sea Views, ADSL internet, LCD TVs, kitchens, Walk in showers room safes & more. All rooms have Clean A/C units.  View my listings to choose the Pattaya property that is right for you. Enjoy our room service while staying with us and serviced rooms are available as an option with cleaning and laundry. 100% guest friendly and our staff is ready to serve you. 
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Deluxe Pattaya maid services, translation services,welcome fruit basket, flowers on the bed and small thai money packet