Tik's Rooms.... My name is Tik and  I am your contact person and operator of this Co - Op. There are many different owners in this Co - Op.  If you wish to become an owner just let me know.  I make renting in Pattaya very simple and not full of paper work.  Enjoy a carefree holiday here and let me take care of you.  After making your booking I will send you a check in voucher that will have all the information you need to know. If you wish to change your reservation dates or room please remember that these rooms are owned by different people which makes the changing of rooms and dates very difficult but I will try my best to honor your request.  Remember also that booking deposits are not refundable. When you rent a condo for a period of time this means if you check out early money can not be returned as it has already been given to the owner of the condo.  I speak excellent english but please make your booking requests by e-mail using our booking form which is found on our booking page.  Phone connections many times are not the best and remember the big time difference.  Come inside and explore.  Welcome to The Infamous Seaside Resort of Pattaya
Tiks photo from dancewatchers.com nightly pattaya and jomtien sea view condo retnals
We keep our rooms CLEAN. Air-Conditioning filters are cleaned regularly by our staff and the units are professionally cleaned and serviced 3 times per year. Door handles and bathroom fixtures are cleaned with alcohol to guarantee sanitary conditions.  The owners offer condos for nightly, weekly and monthly rentals and even long term rentals. Why stay in a hotel when you can holiday like the wealthy for less money then a hotel.  Pattaya luxury Sea View rooms, Jomtien Jacuzzi room rentals,  Room rentals with LCD TV, UBC, Computers hooked up to high speed internet, Full Kitchens, Luxury Hand made king high rise beds with western mattresses, Vacation in Pattaya and enjoy luxury and the good life by renting one of our luxury units for your Pattaya Holdiay .  We also have Budget price Jomtien apartments for rent.  Long term budget rooms available for rent in Pattaya and Jomtien.  We have full service options and even room service. View Talay condo rentals. All rooms are guest friendly with no joiner fees. This website is community friendly and I do not allow nudity on this site. Come explore my website.  Contact e-mail  dancewatchers@gmail.com 

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Nightly Condo and Apartment Rentals in Pattaya and Jomtien Thailand.  Pattaya Properties you can Rent by the night or monthly. Pattaya Short term rentals. Luxury to Budget apartments and condo rooms available in View Talay 2A, View Talay 6 and View Talay 5C . Most rooms have King Beds, luxury mattrress and bedding, Sea Views, ADSL internet, LCD TVs, kitchens, Walk in showers room safes & more. All rooms have Clean A/C units.  View my listings to choose the Pattaya property that is right for you. Enjoy our room service while staying with us and serviced rooms are available as an option with cleaning and laundry. 100% guest friendly and our staff is ready to serve you.  Bookings for the high season are already coming in for 2015
I was apprehensive about booking accommodation over the internet but having Tik's office onsite and the quick replies to my correspondence alleviate any concerns I may have had and was the major factor in booking.
I forgot how I stumbled onto the Tik's website but Im glad I did. It was my first time to Pattaya but second trip to Thailand. There were so many options so the 5 star service started even before I had selected a location or room.
I told Tik my preferences and she matched the rooms to my exact requirements. The trip started with the pre-arranged transport waiting for me at Bangkok, even after a flight delay. Then Tang checked me in and explained everything perfectly.
The rooms were exactly as described and very comfortable for my three week stay. I also chose the option of daily maid service, this included some Thai English lessons from the girls which were very handy and great fun. They even made sure I was eating well and just not eating fruit as I usually do. Nothing seemed to be a problem for the girls, I must have dropped into the office a thousand times for information or just to say Hi. There was always someone in the office to help day & night and be a guide around town. As the trip was primarily for business I had concerns about the internet speed & computer being provided but they worked exceptionally well and way beyond my expectations. This enabled me to extend my stay and book again for July.
Tik provides an excellent service which I believe is a far better experience than staying at a hotel, the amount of options available will cater to anyone staying in Pattaya.  To Tik,  and the girls thank you for a wonderful trip. 
I spent better than 2 months in Jomtien in Tik's suites, 3 in all. I found Tik and her team  to be attentive in every way. All of the 3 suites I stayed in where clean and complete, if I required an extra pot or pan or towel, Tik was quick to respond, very professional. The View Talay complexes are well kept, with 24hr security, and a great swimming pool.  All recommended services on Tik's website proved invaluable, from transportation,   even dining recommendation were excellent.  My last few weeks I stayed in there VIP suite, I think you would be hard pressed to find a nicer room anywhere, fabulous bed, luxurious shower, and the best high speed internet I have found anywhere in Asia. Why anyone would stay in a hotel is beyond me, when these facilities are available for the same nightly cost.
Best Regards, Ralph- Canada

Luxury to Budget Condo rental in View Talay Jomtien and Pattaya by dancewatchers.com
Dancewatchers V.I.P. Ultra Luxury condo rental in View Talay 2A with computer, ADSL, King Bed, LCD TV, Mood lighting, mirrors, sexy shower
Room service in dancewatchers.com nightly luxury condo rentals in Pattaya and Jomtien
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        Review of my stay with dancewatchers.com

My visit before this one I had contacted Tik but she did not have anything available in my price range.  I found a condo in the same building for 4,000 baht less and rented it from another View Talay 2 online service.  What a horror show. From the minute I walked into the room I hated it. It was nothing like advertised so this time I paid for one of Tik's luxury room apartments and what a difference.  Clean room, the mattress was perfect and not the thin hard one from the other company, piles of clean towels, an LCD television with a DVD player, internet in the room, clean bathroom with a rain shower, full kitchen and even a balcony set with an ocean view.  You get what you pay for and this vacation was everything I hoped for.  I rented the room for a month at only 18,000 baht and my 4,000 baht room deposit was returned at my check out. Thank you Tik and I hope to meet dancewatcher next time.  

Tiks Serviced Condo and Pattaya apartment Cleaning and Tik's Staff
As a first time customer of Tik's Rentals I was a little hesitant. I booked through the internet and while I had researched them I was initially worried that they were a legitimate company and that the rooms shown were an accurate representation of the rooms currently on offer. I soon found out that I was being over cautious and it had been a case of me being over-anxious.
I arrived at Bangkok airport at 06:00am and followed the instructions that I had been issued with on my check-in voucher. I found the taxi driver that Dancewathers had organised for me in the exact area that I had been told to look. It was a relief and a good start to my trip. The driver was polite and friendly and the car was clean, modern and most importantly after being welcomed by the Bangkok heat , the car was close to the airport and cool. The journey was uneventful and I took the opportunity to sleep some more. I woke up just as the taxi was entering into Pattaya.
I stayed in room 14-641 for 1 month (April 2012-May 2012). The room was classed as 4**** and it was a relief when everything in the room was as it had appeared in the photos. This wasn't a case of a worn-in and weathered room that had been photographed as new. It was exactly as it appeared in the photos.
I had opted for daily room service to keep my room tidy. Without fail the girls would turn up daily and refresh my room. The girls were fantastic. They were funny, enthusiastic and friendly, they made me feel welcome and it was a pleasure to see them.
Even on Labour Day, a day when the King had given the country a public holiday from work to appreciate the merits of employment the cleaning girls were there to refresh my room. If I saw the girls elsewhere in or around the building they were always friendly and would go out of their way to say hello.
I quickly found out that while my room had been rated as 4****  the whole experience of dealing with Dancewatchers was nothing short of 5*****.
I had a small problem to attend to at Pattaya City Hall, it was more to do with the breakdown of my previous relationship and proved a little difficult due to my inability to communicate fluently in Thai. The man in charge of the department that I was visiting was polite and keen to help me but it proved a little problematic due to my lack of spoken Thai and the fact that I had arrived in the country without any of the relevant paperwork. It felt like I had hit a brick wall, the office was extremely busy with other people wishing to be seen. It was a low ebb for me as I sat outside the office wondering what I was going to do. Then my phone rang, it was Nok from Dancwatchers, I had told her that I was attending City Hall and she had called to check everything was going smoothly. I explained that while everyone was friendly it seemed that there was nothing I could do to rectify my problem and would probably have to return with the relevant paperwork. Nok asked me to hand the phone to the man in charge, I don't know what Nok had said to him but whatever it was it worked. From that point on everything went without a hitch. I had allowances made for me that were previously unavailable and within a short time I had left City Hall with my problem completely resolved. This wouldn't have been possible without Nok from Dancewatchers intervention and I was and still am extremely grateful. It was another case of nothing being too much of a problem for the girls at Tik's Rentals.
I was sad to leave my room at the end of my vacation. I had enjoyed myself and a big part of this was the service that I had received from Tik's Rentals, they went above and beyond what I had previously expected when I initially booked through them.
My return taxi to the airport was on time and it was a pleasant journey and I slept again. I arrived at the airport with ample time to check in.
I was and still am extremely impressed with Tik and the service I received from them. I  would recommend them to anyone, they are fantastic. I guess the best proof of this is the fact that I re-booked through them within 1 week of returning home. If you are looking at their website and wondering whether to take the plunge and book, then my advice is go for it, you won't regret it, but book fast because good news travels fast and Tik's rooms can fill up quickly.
Thanks for reading and thanks again to Tik, Nok and all the girls at Tik's Rentals

We now accept US dollars in new 100 or 50 dollar notes, Australian dollars in 100 dollar notes, UK pounds in 50 Pound. New Canadian 100 dollar notes as long as they are newer notes free of cuts or marks for your check in balance.  We offer better rates then the airport also.
Airport transfers

I am one of Tik's blue star customers which means I have stayed with them more then 9 times.  I think it is about time I gave feedback from my booking experience to my stays in the many rooms I stayed in on my Pattaya Holidays.
First let me say that the booking process is fast.  From the time I make a request the response time ranges from 5 minutes to no longer than 24 hours depending on the time of my request.
Booking is easy, I just select the building I want to stay in, select my room by viewing the list of rooms and checking the calendar for each room which confirms availability and send in my booking form which is located on Dancewatchers booking page.  Once my reservation  is accepted I get a booking invoice from PayPal where I can pay by Credit Card or even an e-check.  I like to stay in VT2A in the V.I.P. rooms but have stayed 4 times in View Talay 6 which is very close to all the action
Tik sends me a check in voucher with all the information I need.  They can arrange airport transfers, Thai phone rentals, motorbike rentals, computer rentals, Maid services including deluxe maid services and even the Red Rose service which I used 3 times.  I love the maid services and they even have a few VERY cute girls.
I even use their special request system to order cold beer, water and Whiskey that is all waiting for me when I check in.
Thomas   USA